KYC Guidelines / Major Partners

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  • Here is the link to the 50% off discounted course on Crypto Taxation from the SEC, IRS, and CRA:
  • It covers some of the most recent information updates from the Government of Canada and the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regarding taxation policies and how crypto is classified as a property, or asset depending on it’s use, as well as Bitcoin legality by country.
  • I wrote this course for CPD Formula and am offering my readers an exclusive 50% discount on the course.
  • The course has 6 -10 minute video sections that cover the following topics:


Section 1. Canada Revenue Agency and Virtual Currency Compliance

Section 2. Japan, UK, USA, Canada Bitcoin Legal Tender Status

Section 3. Review of Securities and Exchange Commission in the USA

Section 4. Central Bank Issued Currencies (Digital Yuan, Petro)

Section 5. IRS View on Cryptocurrency

This course is good for anyone who invests in Crypto, and answers the most common taxation questions in Canada and the USA. Please share freely!

An overview of banking and security laws in the virtual currency industry. Review of countries, governing agencies, and regulating bodies.

Topics Include:
Canada Revenue Agency and Canadian Virtual Currency Regulations
Review of Securities and Exchange Commission in the USA
Central Bank Issued Currencies (Digital Yuan, Petro)
IRS View on Cryptocurrency


Know Your Customer Policy:  Teen Coin is working to know it’s members, patrons, clients, and customers across multiple levels of interaction including one on one, through the use of social media, and with blanket publishing.

Record Keeping Procedures are enabled through ongoing and evolutionary development of project specifics, focusing on clarity and relevancy to the organization and it’s goals. Without a centralized governing body, record keeping is maintained publicly on the decentralized model where ownership is measured by percentage of ownership in the Teen Coin supply.

To date, large cash transactions can be arranged with so it can be accurately documented for business purposes. We have created a transparent and clear platform for trading coins on the Saturn Exchange and Finexbox, with attention to long term financing and respecting the anonymity of development of projects by third parties and decentralized organizations as part of a global engagement strategy.

Our electronic funds transfer policy coincides with the interactions involved with public buying and selling at market prices on Saturn Exchange and Finexbox, our two exchange listings. One is a decentralized exchange, and the other is centralized. Owners of coins can trade on the exchange of their choice.

Our primary goal is to find a financing partner who will take a major investment share in the project, so that we are able to sell some of our coin reserves to finance business activities. Negotiations are ongoing with potential partners throughout the course of the development of the Teen project to be first to market and reward our coin holders.

Coin transactions are almost always financial in nature, and are conducted on publicly traded and respectable platforms, and TEEN is also compatible with the ETH Mobile Wallets Imtoken, the MyEthereum Wallet, and the SATURN Wallet, and other major ETH Wallets.

Financials in Canadian Dollars:

2018 Year End:  Raised $4500 by selling 600,000,000 Teen Coins at 0.0000075. Funds Used to pay for Air Coins Game Development and Listing. Total coins in reserve 12.9 Billion Coins estimated value using IPO price of 0.0000075 making the valuation of Teen Coin worth $96,750.

2019 Year End: No sales were done in 2019 and reserves remained at 12.9 Billion. The 600,000,000 coins on the market traded between .00000075 and .000175 per coin.

2020 Reporting expected March, 2021.


Major investors can email to acquire a major stake in the project. Price per coin is .00000075 per coin.

Other investors can buy, sell, trade freely at Saturn Exchange or Finexbox.