Cloud Health Virus Immunity Registry

My Teen Coin introduced the Cloud Health Virus Immunity Registry to the World Health Organization on February 02, 2020 as part of a movement to help share the news about this innovative program. The program posits that people who register in the Immunity Program on Google Cloud Health will stay healthy during the outbreak because … Continue reading Cloud Health Virus Immunity Registry

Teen Coin Student Loyalty Program Gets Attention

After talking to a few schools about the concept of using Teen Coin as a student loyalty token, the concept has began to catch on. "Positioning the token as a loyalty bonus for students who take certain classes, particularly English classes in China, and online classes in Canada, we are getting closer to making a … Continue reading Teen Coin Student Loyalty Program Gets Attention

Teen Coin Uses Cryptographic Keys in Google Cloud Health

People around the world are still very curious as to how Teen Coin operates. Perhaps this post will shed some light on the more technical aspects of TEEN regarding cloud health and technology in the cloud. Cloud Healthcare API bridges the gap between care systems and applications built on Google Cloud. By supporting standards-based formats … Continue reading Teen Coin Uses Cryptographic Keys in Google Cloud Health

MyTeen Coin Young Entrepreneur Program

  MYTEEN COIN YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR PROGRAM Now accepting business ideas or use cases for MyTeenCoin Cryptocurrency to grow their business models.  Successful ideas will be funded to help grow the MyTeen Coin ecosystem with research institutions or individuals.   To help young entrepreneurs engage in the cryptocurrency ecosystem safely, and affordably, and provide a cryptocurrency … Continue reading MyTeen Coin Young Entrepreneur Program