CPD Blockchain Loyalty Rewards Concept

What does it look like? For the CPD Blockchain Platform, we use existing templates from CPDformula.com, except offer only Blockchain related courses and a Loyalty Reward in the form of MyTeen Coin. What are the rewards? In essence, it is a Blockchain / Fintech platform for professional development courses that focus on the steadily growing … Continue reading CPD Blockchain Loyalty Rewards Concept

MyTeen Coin Young Entrepreneur Program

  MYTEEN COIN YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR PROGRAM Now accepting business ideas or use cases for MyTeenCoin Cryptocurrency to grow their business models.  Successful ideas will be funded to help grow the MyTeen Coin ecosystem with research institutions or individuals.   To help young entrepreneurs engage in the cryptocurrency ecosystem safely, and affordably, and provide a cryptocurrency … Continue reading MyTeen Coin Young Entrepreneur Program