Teen Coin Project Swap Option June 15, 2020

Dear Users,

Mr. Chernish, Lead Ambassador, Teen Coin, is currently working as Ambassador of CoronaCoin (NCOV), and would like to offer Teen Holders a reverse coin swap.

“I think NCOV has a more diversified growth strategy than Teen Coin in the short term, and believe that active investors will want to participate in the swap.”


You will get 1 NCOV for each 5 Teen you hold. You must send your  TXID to


Balance: 122,000,000 coins

Send balance of coins to:   0xF774bE017bFAf640FAb7958BC37AB5Cf893E3A76


You will then receive your CoronaCoin (NCOV) directly to your wallet within a few days.

email chernish@myteencoin.com with your deposit address when you send your coins to: 0xF774bE017bFAf640FAb7958BC37AB5Cf893E3A76 and then you will get your CoronaCoin.


View the CoronaCoin website:

NCOV: Using CoronaCoin to Track The Corona Virus


Join the Discord:




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